Margaréta pension

The nature has presented Harghita zone with incredible generosity. Like he wanted this place to stay closest to people’s heart. The hospitable Szekler people with their honest smile induce to stay longer every expected or unexpected guest. The Réz peak and the river called Târnava Mare embraces the Margareta (Daisy) guesthouse, in the suburb of Odorheiu Secuiesc (Kadicsfalva).
In quiet, familiar surroundings, in the small guesthouse can accommodate 14 people, in rooms with two and three beds. There are separated bathrooms and toilets for each room.

The guest after becoming clean of the dust of the road can appease his hunger with typical mouthfuls of the region, in a separated dining room. According to the guests’ wish we offer our services with half or full board.

Bigger groups can enjoy the baking of the special local milk loaf (called kürtőskalács), cooking Hungarian kettle goulash. The atmosphere can be raised by the sound of piano accordion. There is place for common distraction in the large intimate saloon. We recommand our services to individual or organised (40 person) travellers. For groups the accomodation take place at hospitable local families.

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